Interior decoration and various guardrail collocation choice

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Interior decoration has become a prominent manifestation of people's pursuit of life. And interior decoration, often involving balcony guardrail, staircase guardrail and other guardrail decoration. Guardrail can effectively partition space, reasonable use of guardrail is the key point of decoration.

1. Relatively small rooms should follow an important principle: concise and generous. Make space bigger.

2. The balcony guardrail is designed for safety. It is suggested that metal railings such as stainless steel railings and iron railings should be chosen. Moreover, the price of metal balcony railings is low and the demand of household users is small, which can be considered.

3. The room with small interior space but high interior height can depress part of the ceiling or raise part of the ground to form a spatial contrast. The design should not be too fancy and succinct, so as to make the space larger.

Fourth, bedroom design layout: the master bedroom to place the combination of furniture, and then put some flowers and plants, create a warm atmosphere, the second bedroom as a child bedroom or guest room, with a simple and lively style.

Fifth, for relatively large rooms: good use of partitions, reasonable pision of space.

Sixth, the wall with the same pattern of wall cloth and bedspread, curtains, etc., can make the room feel more intimate, but also expand the visual space.

Seventh, small space and low space: mirror glass can be installed at the top, wall, corner and other places, through the reflection of glass, play the effect of expanding space.

8. The low cabinet and hanging cabinet are used indoors, which can make full use of the space.

Ninth, tall plants can make the chaotic room tend to be stable.

10. The sense of space length and height can be achieved by using vertical lines.