Six Points for Maintenance of Stainless Steel Stairs for Ordinary Household Use

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In the family life, stairs are furniture with more contact with people. For stainless steel stairs, it is necessary to maintain them regularly, which can prolong their service life. Below are six pieces of stainless steel staircase maintenance.

1. The key and conventional joints of stainless steel staircase components must be inspected frequently to prevent loosening or moth-eaten phenomena. Because when stainless steel staircases are installed, even if staircase engineers have tightly linked them together, with the constant change of temperature and humidity, the components are undergoing subtle physical changes.

2. If the wooden pedals of stainless steel stairs are improperly immersed in water, they should be wiped after being found and allowed to dry naturally. Electric heaters are strictly forbidden to be used for drying.

3. Long time exposure to sunlight, or the rise and fall of temperature in the room may cause the premature aging of staircase surface and wood tread paint, which should be avoided as far as possible.

4. Metal parts, wood parts or other materials in stainless steel staircases are usually damaged by collapse, wear, moth or fungus invasion. These parts can be repaired by professionals. But it is important to maintain the stainless steel stairs in the early stage. Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of stainless steel stairs to a large extent.

5. In wet weather, stainless steel is easy to rust. It may also deform, crack and paint on stairs.

6. Special wax or floor wax should be used regularly to protect pedals and armrests which are often in contact with people. In addition, although some of the treads are light-cured wear-resistant paint, but the attributes of wear-resistant is only relatively speaking, as far as it is concerned, it also has a certain service life. In order to prevent wear and tear of wooden pedals after a period of time, a carpet can be laid in the center of stairway corridor, which not only protects stairway pedals, but also embellishes the whole stairway.

Stainless steel staircase, need to pay attention to daily maintenance, maintain beautiful, these are stainless steel staircase daily maintenance methods, hoping to provide some help for you to maintain staircase.