Several Points for Attention in the Design of Corridor Stairs in Kindergartens

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The design of staircase decoration corridor and staircase in kindergarten corridor is the key point. It is not only related to the safety of children, but also the bridge of communication between functional rooms in kindergarten. The rationality of corridor and staircase, scientific and interesting shape design are conducive to highlighting the characteristics of kindergarten and enriching the space of kindergarten. Understand the following points for attention in decorating corridors and stairs in kindergartens:

Kindergarten decoration corridor should be ventilated, as far as possible clear the width of the corridor is more than 1.2 meters. The fence on the side is well sealed, and the height should not be less than 1 meter. The staircase guardrail plays an important role in reflecting the architectural characteristics. It can break the traditional flat and closed form with concave and convex changes. It can be made up according to modern plane to increase the interest of the fence. It can also be designed into the form of upper part transparent and lower part closed. However, it is necessary to prevent children from climbing both sides of the wall. When the corridor is wide, appropriate activity areas can be arranged without affecting the function of the corridor. Corresponding decoration and layout can be carried out on both sides of the wall according to the regional environment. When corridors are only used as corridors, they should also be decorated with patterns that are suitable for children's cognitive characteristics and full of childlike interest.

Kindergarten decoration stairs should be designed reasonably to facilitate children up and down. Each step should be less than 14 centimeters, and the gradient of stairs should be less than 30 degrees. Divide each staircase into 2-3 sections as far as possible to reduce the gradient and increase children's interest in going up and down stairs. The step surface should be considered anti-skid. The edge of each step should be grinded into semi-circular corners. The railings should be set on the edges, and the handrails for children should be installed in appropriate positions. It can also make the balustrade into a sliding type to increase children's pleasure of going up and down stairs. The railings can be made of wood or stainless steel or iron or wood. Its shape can be a concise pattern, or it can be the image of animals and plants that children like. But the gap in the shape should not be too big, so safety factors should be considered.