Importance of doors and windows in family life

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Everyone has a home, every family has doors and windows! What does doors and windows mean to a family as a necessity of family life? Next, follow Xiaobian to see the importance of doors and windows in our life!

1. Safety:

The vast majority of burglaries are caused by burglars entering the room through the external walls and windows. The light ones lose property and the heavy ones injure people. This is related to the general impracticability of the exterior walls and windows, simple glass and poor accessories. Therefore, the choice of formal manufacturers of doors and windows, qualified hardware accessories, safe and environmentally friendly glass, in the modern home safety is the most important.

2. Health:

The concept of health is the main sign of almost all building materials. The living standard has improved, and everyone hopes to live a healthy life. However, the increasingly serious environmental pollution has threatened people's survival. The quality of life is even more affected if the home environment fails to meet health standards. Doors and windows are bridges connecting indoors and outdoors. They can not only illuminate but also ventilate. The right choice of doors and windows can ensure a healthy home environment.

3. Energy saving:

How important is energy-saving of doors and windows to building energy-saving? Industry experts provide data: at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption of society. The doors and windows are the open lighting part of the building and the weakest link of the building. The energy lost through the doors and windows accounts for 45%-50% of the building energy consumption and 20% of the total social energy consumption. Doors and windows are the key to energy saving in your home.

4. Comfort:

Home is the harbor where we live. When we return home after a day's work, we can enjoy a comfortable and healthy environment. Nowadays, the health of our home is not only the absence of formaldehyde. Dust and noise are often invisible killers. Dust seriously affects the quality of breathing. It is noisy. How to talk about comfort? These seemingly unimportant problems have actually destroyed the comfortable home. To solve these problems, improving the performance of doors and windows is the key. We must select the right doors and windows to create a comfortable home for the residential environment.