Skillfully select doors and windows to prevent wind and rain

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Spring and summer are the season of excessive rainfall. Every season of strong winds and heavy rains, it is also a small test for home decoration doors and windows. In order to prevent the leakage of water and air from affecting the safety and dryness of the home environment, we should control all aspects when choosing doors and windows. Choose excellent doors and windows, no matter how heavy the storm can not break into the family.

1. Wind Pressure Resistance of Doors and Windows

When the wind whistles, the performance of doors and windows against wind pressure plays an important role. Yazhixuan doors and windows use high-quality profiles to ensure the strength of the outer frame and the inner fan itself.

2. Water tightness of doors and windows

In rainy season, the problem of water seepage in doors and windows is very troublesome. Good water tightness enables doors and windows to effectively block outdoor rainwater when facing the rainstorm.

3. Installation of doors and windows

When choosing doors and windows, besides paying attention to the performance of doors and windows, we should also pay attention to waterproofing when installing doors and windows.

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