How to build the color of the new house?

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Decoration of a new house is a happy and tiring thing, which type of cabinet to choose, which color to choose, but also considering the overall decoration style, think about the first two big. Good color matching is the key to family decoration. In the whole home environment, wooden door color selection is skillful, one by one wooden door to help you show art and taste in your room.

How to choose the color of wooden door for decoration

Home decoration, color matching is very important, not only limited to the choice of decorative color, the use of wood door color is also critical, first of all, we need to consider the decoration of wood door color and the whole home.

The effect of decoration matching. According to the user's choice of home decoration color can be pided into three categories: wall, floor, furniture soft decoration.

Wooden door and background wall color close

In decoration, the matching of similar colors will make the whole room appear very peaceful. If white and gray systems are used, it can effectively create a cool wind, suitable for the owners who like to be alone and enjoy quiet atmosphere.

Contrast the color of wooden door and background wall

Do not like a single tone of the owner, can be indoor decoration, the choice of color contrast effect, will make the room more hierarchical sense. Baitao's pure white wooden door, with Morandi color tie-in can create a sense of art, with bright color tie-in can make the room look more lively, these are good choices.

Wooden doors are similar in colour to softwares

In the choice of soft packaging, as long as the "door" is placed in the whole environment, according to the color of the wooden door, including the details of the color matching, such as the golden line on the wooden door, you can choose bright yellow decorations, such as murals, floor vases, etc., so that the matching can make the overall vision more harmonious.

Wooden doors are similar to the ground color.

The color of wooden doors and the color of the ground are best to maintain the same color system, such as warm color system, but it is recommended not to use the same color, otherwise it will appear too rigid in vision, but also weaken the sense of living space, it is recommended to use the same color system with different colors, effectively create a sense of spatial hierarchy.

In addition to color matching, if you have special requirements for environmentally friendly materials, solid wood doors are recommended. Wooden door belongs to natural products, which are made of natural logs or solid wood laminates from forests. Most of the selected timber are precious, such as walnut, teak, red oak, Manchurian ash, Shabili and so on. They are all natural green materials. They do not contain formaldehyde and are more environmentally friendly.